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  1. I am trying to determine if trout have been stocked in the lake this year. My granddaughter caught one Sat. night 5/27/17. I doubt that it is a carryover from last year, but who knows.

  2. Yes Spring is coming. We BOUNCED and WALLOWED down Parker Road yesterday (3/12/16). Next trip will be after MUD SEASON.

    Lloyd and Carole Klinger

  3. A big thank you to Ken & Joe for a well organized annual meeting. It was nice to meet so many new neighbors on the lake. And it was great to see so much interest & enthusiasm! It seemed strange not having John & Lynn Washburn at the meeting & we hope they know how much they were missed. Thank you, John & Lynn for all you’ve done for Lake Parker and for representing us so well for many, many years at the VT Lakes & Ponds annual meeting.

  4. Have just spent the last couple of hours on the new website and absolutely love it! What a wonderful way to get to know our new neighbors and to stay in touch with our longtime neighbors. I certainly believe that the advantages of this new site will be very beneficial to all in keeping our neighborhood and lake more secure and pristine. Welcome to our new neighbors and hope that you will enjoy as many wonderful years here as we have (22 yrs plus. We too have grandchildren (7) that you will see around our home and being able to give them the legacy and home of Lake Parker t makes it as special and meaningful to them as it has to us all of these years. We started coming here in the early sixties to Joseph and Chloe Bergeron’s camp (which Rich and Kay Little own). this is our “heaven on earth” and wish to always keep it that way. Wave when you go by or stop in and visit. We do have a small toy Poodle “Peaches” that will welcome you with a bark. Have a great summer everyone and thank you for doing such a great job on this! Magnificent!

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