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Ann Lindner

Having close friends on the lake Ann has been visiting for years with the hope that someday she would buy a lindner photoplace to call home. That hope became reality in August 2013 when Jean Lessard sold the camp at 698 Parker Road. She has been updating the camp to be a year-round home and is now ready to enjoy the lake and participate in the community. She is making friends and has already become an active volunteer. Even her dog Cinnamon has made new friends.
Her eclectic work history ranges from computer programming, ski instructor, the law, teaching, emergency preparedness and everything in between. Her hobbies include skiing, kayaking, paddleboard, biking, golf, photography, writing, music, traveling and pickelball (whatever that is!). Welcome Ann.

Jim & Florence Scileppi

Jim & Florence really needed a summer residence with 7 children and 15 grandchildren between them! Jim was a HS teacher for 26 years, taught in the AZ State prison and Scileppi photodone life, business and marital coaching. He is a pilot and boat lover. Florence has taught with Jim at the prison and Community College and had a cheesecake company. She also spent a year with Helen Keller International while living in Karachi Pakistan.

They bought the Barber cottage on West Shore Rd in April 2013 and have been working hard to renovate. Florence said “It is really a ‘labor of love’. When I got overwhelmed with the work, I would just look out at the lake and remember why we bought it”.  The Scileppis are a nice addition to our lake community.

Roger Cawvey Sr

Roger bought Ruth Young’s place on Damon Lane October 2012 and he has been busy ever since. When he is not at his home in Perkinsville, Vermont he is at the lake fixing up the cabin. He said “the house has a great location and although it needed a lot of love, I saw the potential”. He has updated the cabin now to 4 season use.

He is president of Precision Valley Communications in Springfield, Vermont. Roger has 2 sons, a daughter and 3 grandchildren (Jayson,13; Eliana,6 and Carmen,3). The kids already love coming to the lake. He enjoys riding Harleys, snow machines and playing golf.  If you see Roger welcome him to our lake.

Art & Sue Greenbaum

Art and Sue hail from Brattleboro, Vermont where Art runs a commercial construction company.

GreenbaumsThey bought camp # 99 from Chuck and Becky Holden last summer (2012) after more than ten years of visiting Lake Parker at Joe & Anne Little’s camp #105.

The Greenbaums have been unpacked since September 2012 and report a very warm welcome from their neighbors. “It already feels like home,” according to Art. Both outdoor enthusiasts, they are looking forward to their first full summer season of boating, fishing, gardening, and grilling.

Art and Sue have two daughters and two grandchildren. Colby, 9, and Abby, 11, can be spotted in the water with their grandparents when school is out this year!

Gordon & Terri Emerson

Gordon and Terri Emerson have been at Lake Parker for over a year now, but this is their first formal welcome to the neighborhood.  They purchased camp #121 from Steve and Marilyn Roberts in August 2011 after renting from the Buehlers (#42) on the lakEmersonse for several years. They are fond of the whole region, but partial to Lake Parker for its quiet serenity.

The Emersons live in Springfield, Vermont where Terri serves as director of a senior center and Gordon is retired from his role as vice president of a regional engineering firm. They have one daughter and just welcomed their second grandchild in January. Labrador retrievers Shelby and Merlin are also known to enjoy the camp (but mostly the water) with the rest of the family!

The Emersons are feeling right at home and looking forward to the summer season. According to Terri, “Everyone we meet is so friendly and willing to lend a hand.”


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