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  1. We were almost killed earlier by a dark green dodge truck that almost hit us, it was going at least 65 mph on andersonville road. After we got home it past our house going really fast with a white truck following it.

  2. Great to hear. My thought is that we create a list (cascade) of phone numbers. When something happens we go to our list and from where you are located you call the next one and so on and so forth until all are called. We could actually talk about that as a group if we wanted to. The first thing is to find out who is interested in participating in this cascade. If there is someone out there that would like to take a lead I am more than happy to help and if there is enough interest then we can move forward before fall when people start to leave. Brenda

    • brenda i would be interested in some kind of a process,at least our full timers could look out for the seasonals as well as our own interests. i hope that those interested contact brenda . i am one of three former retired troopers who have lived here alas the last one but would be glad to meet with any interested people and see if we can’t be more vigilant. i have been here for a long time and can remember most all the cases since 1958,i called the sheriff s dept the other day on a problem at my neighbor s last week and a deputy was here within 10 mins. glover is contracted with ocsd so our choices as i see it is the cascade or a neihgbor hood watch or both.and i will vouleenteer to do anything i can to speed along the process. the most inportant thing we can do is trade info on any suspicious thing we see thank you brenda for your effort

  3. They would like any and all information a witness can provide. For example license plate, description of the vehicle,color make year. What was the suspicious activity,description of people involved if possible. time ,place of the incident. There are sometimes other observences that can be advantageous does vehicle have a distinct marker such as lights out, odd color lights,objects that are not part of the original vehicle a loud muffler,damage cracked windshields. These can be very helpful in finding these vehicles.
    for example the breakins this year on this side of the lake were known in february,if notice had been made there might have prevented the others. if you are not getting any help from law enforcement after notification then i suggest a letter to the editor to get this into public view may help, every town pays county taxes.

    bob morrill vsp ocsd retired

  4. Good idea, Brenda! A little background on what we have done in the past. Back maybe 20-25 years now we had a huge rash of break-ins along the east shore – 8-10 camps all in a row, with considerable interior damage done to many of them. We did initiate a Neighborhood Watch program at that time. The problem is that the Orleans County Sheriff was the only law enforcement available and they contract their services with local communities at a quoted cost, and I think it would be very expemsive for the LPA to assume that expense. All that may have changed but I think the problem remains of trying to get a prompt responnse from any law enforceement organization when reporting suspicious activity – but it is certainly worth re-visiting and I agree with the need.

  5. I am very interested in gathering information from local police and assisting in the organization of a neighborhood watch program. There have been a number of times that on Parker Road we have seen suspicious vehicles and it would be nice if we had a cascade of numbers of interested residents that want to be called. Not sure how it would work but I think it would be nice to get information and have a committee work on it. Also, maybe we could have a police officer visit at our annual meeting to discuss what type of information they would like to have reported. Would like to know what others think about this. Brenda

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