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Walking Path Around Lake Parker

Walking Path Around Lake Parker

If you plan to use any shortcuts deviating from this map, please acquire the landowners’ permission in advance.
Distance is noted between red dots.
Total trip: 19, 120 ft ~ 3.62 mi
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The LPA is an active non-profit citizens group concerned with protecting the ecological health of Lake Parker and its watershed. We were Incorporated in 1971 and are members of the Federation of Lake Associations of Northern Vermont and North American Lake Management Society.

The LPA also has standing committees for the following:

  • Recreation
  • Water Quality
  • Boating and Water Safety
  • Fishing & Wildlife
  • Membership

Membership is open to all Lake Parker watershed residents and Glover residents. Annual dues are $25.00 per family. Each family membership is entitled to two votes on Association matters.


Facts About Lake ParkerLakeParker

Location: Town of Glover, Orleans County, VT
Acreage – 239 acres
Maximum Length – Just over 1 mile
Maximum Width – Just over ½ mile

Water Level-1302 ft above sea level (396.9 m)
Maximum Depth –  48 ft (14.7 m)
Average Depth – 25 ft (7.7 m)

Watershed: 5,310 acres

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