2016-2017 Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016-2017 Lake Parker Photo Contest.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Click here to see all the winning photos!

“Old Glory at Dusk”  Taken By: John Wooten





April 23, 2017
May 6th is Green Up Day!

The LPA is encouraging members to get involved for Green Up Day, Saturday May 6th.  Join your neighbors and friends in a tradition that has lasted over 40 years in Vermont.  This a great way to clean up the roads around the Lake and see other members again after the long winter.

Start the day between 9:30 and 10 AM at Art & Sue’s camp and find out what roads need volunteers.  There will be green bags available.  New members welcome! Call or email Art with questions or to let him know you will be there:  artkotavt@gmail.com    802-254-1580    Hope to see you there!

Join Us! 678 Parker Rd (camp #99), 9:30 AM

April 23, 2017
Glover Ambulance MembershipIMG_0388-Copy-300x225

Residents and camp owners may want to check out the subscription program offered by the Glover Ambulance Squad. You have the option to sign up for a Subscription for Emergency Service or a 911 sign for your home, or both. Subscriptions cover all members of your home or camp.  Here is the link to their site and the subscription sign up form:  Link. You can also sign up at the Glover Town Clerk’s Office on Bean Hill Road.

August 21, 2016

Saturday August 27th – Water Social at 4 PM

At 4:00 PM bring your boat, canoe, kayaks, etc. to the center of the lake where we can tie together, drift, and socialize.  Hope you are able to join us for this fun event.  It is a great time to meet others on the lake.

August 8, 2016


Saturday August 20th is the Annual Pot Luck Dinner at 5:30 at the West Glover Church. Please call Ann at 802-525-3062 to let us know you are coming and what dish you will bring.  We always need volunteers so come at 5:00 if you can help set up.  All family members and friends are welcome to attend.  Non-members can come too and meet your neighbors.

Saturday August 27 there will be a Water Social at 4:00 in the center of lake.  This is great fun.  Boat out and join us! (Please note corrected time is 4 PM)

July 12, 2016

LPA Annual Meeting: July 16th at 10:00 am

The 2016 Lake Parker Association annual meeting will be held this Saturday, July 16th at 10:00 AM at the church. The meeting will include the election of officers and an update on our activities.  We will also discuss Association business, committees and the social activities. Hope to see you all there.

March 28, 2016
Green Up Day May 7th = LPA Working TogetherOverall Winner Charlotte Brace, Grade 11, Montpelier High School

The LPA is encouraging members to get involved for Green Up Day, Saturday May 7th.  Join your neighbors and friends in a tradition that has lasted over 40 years in Vermont.  This a great way to clean up the roads around the Lake and see your neighbors again after the long winter.

March 7, 2016

Wake Up, Wake Up Lake Parker SPRING IS COMING!!

Yes it really is happening and even though it is still hard to see the ground beneath the snow you can just tell the weather is changing.  And that means spring clean ups and seeing old friends again.  This spring help a neighbor with a project, meet a new neighbor and get involved.   🙂  🙂  🙂

August 21, 2015
Labor Day Regatta will be Sunday Sept 6th

This annual event will begin at 1:00, so get there early, with a wonderful potluck meal afterwards.  Of course, all are welcome to come with a pot luck offering even if you don’t want to race.  And for those around the lake not attending, enjoy the colorful flotilla.  Hopefully we will get lots of sailboats this year and maybe even some reasonable wind.  But, of course, anything that floats is eligible. Meet at the Braithwaite camp at 272 Parker Road.

August 6, 2015
Saturday August 15th- Water Social & Pot Luck SupperJim & Florence Scileppi

At 1:00 bring your boat, canoe, kayaks, etc. to the center of the lake where we can tie together, drift, and socialize.  We might even rekindle a ride around the lake with some music.  Then at 5:00 there will be a Pot Luck Supper.  Come to one or both these events for a great time to meet others on the lake. More details here Pot Luck & Water Social info  .

July 06, 2015
June 2015 Newsletter is here!

Click HERE for a good read.

July 06, 2015
Save the Date: July 18th, LPA Annual Meeting

The 2015 Lake Parker Association annual meeting will be held this Saturday, July 18th at 10:00 AM at the church. The meeting will include the election of officers and an update on our activities.  If you have any interest in joining the board, please contact any board member or come to the meeting to get more details.  We will also discuss Association business, committees and the social activities. Hope to see you all there.

April 8, 2015
Green Up Day May 2nd = Spring Cleaning at Lake Parker!!

The LPA is again organizing for Green Up Day on Saturday May 2nd. Join your neighbors and friends in a tradition that has lasted over 40 years in Vermont. This a great way to clean up the roads around the Lake and see your neighbors again after a long cold winter. There will be coffee and friendship at the start.  Click here for details 2015 Green Up Day

January 9, 2015
2014 Photo Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to all six winners of our first photo contest.  Each of the winning photos are included in our 2015 Lake Parker Calendar.  All the photos received were amazing making the decision hard for the judges.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  See the winning photos HERE!

September 19, 2014 (updated 9/21/14)
Burglary on Parker Road

Late Wednesday night a house under construction was broken into and about $3,000 of builders tools were stolen on Parker Road. Anyone with information should contact the State Police who are investigating.

Sept 2, 2014
LPA Social Event of the Year a Grand Success-See Photos of the Event HERE

August 19, 2014
First Annual Lake Parker Oldtime Community Social is Saturday August 30th from 3-6

We are very excited to have a jointly sponsored social this year with the Glover Pioneer Camp at Parker Settlement.  Meet new friends and neighbors & bring your family and visiting guests to this event.  More details here at 2014 LPA Social.

Event Parking:There is room for about 30-35 cars at Randy & Betsy’s house/studios otherwise please park on the lake side of Parker Road.  We are going to ask people with Gators to shuttle people who need assistance up from the parking area.

August 4, 2014
Homeowners Raise Concerns About Speeding

At the annual meeting of the Lake Parker Association on Saturday many members voiced concerns about speeding cars, trucks & ATV’s on roads around the lake. The problem appears to be getting worse and can be very dangerous. The board agreed to send a letter to the Glover Selectboard to see if the Town can take any steps to curb the problem before there is an accident.

July 28, 2014
Estate Planning for your Vacation Home

Passing your family cottage on to the next generation presents unique challenges.   Here’s an interesting article “Vacation Homes: Keeping Them in the Family” from the Nolo website that presents one solution.  Any steps you decide to take should be well planned and with the advice of a good estate attorney.

July 21, 2014
Vt Shoreland Protection Act

The Shoreland Protection Act is now law and anyone considering construction or development on Lake Parker needs to understand the rules. The state has a website devoted to the regulations with lots of helpful resources including a handbook and more.  Here’s a brief summary of the Act.  These are new rules and your builder may not be familiar with them yet so get the facts before you begin a project.

July 15, 2014
Photo Contest is ON!

This is a reminder that we initiated a photo contest this year and are looking to get your best photos.  Click here for details = 2014 Photo Contest

July 14, 2014
Save the Date: August 2nd, LPA Annual Meeting

The 2014 Lake Parker Association annual meeting will be held Saturday, August 2nd at 10:00 AM at the church. The meeting will include the election of officers and an update on our activities. The position of President is up for election as well as several Committee Chair positions. If you have any interest in joining the board, please contact any board member or come to the meeting to get more details.  At last years meeting the consensus was to separate the business meeting from the annual social activity.  We will discuss the social activity and will be looking for volunteers to help. Hope to see you all there.

June 26, 2014
Fireworks on Lone Tree Hill is Cancelled

We understand that there will not be a display of fireworks on Lone Tree Hill this year. Hopefully this is not the end of a tradition and there will be support next year for the event. There will still be fireworks in Barton on the 4th at dusk.  If you are on the lake and will be using fireworks please be extremely careful of those around you and respectful of your neighbors all around the lake.

June 25, 2014
A Diverse Mix from Across the US

Though many of us live in Vermont there are quite a few Lake Parker homeowners that live elsewhere and share our love for the outdoors and environment. Here’s a breakdown based on membership data we currently have:

New Hampshire-2
Massachusetts-7map-294521_640 (1)
Rhode Island-1
New York-2
New Jersey-2

May 28, 2014
H.526- New Lake Shoreland Protection Standards-SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

New shoreland protection standards have been unanimously approved by the Vermont House and Senate and signed by the Governor that put in place standards to prevent the degradation of water quality and preserve the natural stability of the shoreline.  Amongst many provisions it includes limits on clearing land and building near the lake.  Here is the bill as passed: H.526

May 22, 2014
Glover Pioneer Day Camp

pioneer day camp photoThis year’s 18th annual Pioneer Day Camp will take place June 23-27 right here at the lake at the old Parker Settlement, 765 Parker Rd. The theme is “Old Time Vaudeville″.

All children 1st-8th grades are welcome to attend. Sponsored by the Glover Historical Society. Click on the attachment for all the details: Day Camp

May 22, 2014
Break-in Reported

There was a break-in on Cemetery Loop this past weekend at a seasonal residence. This continues to be a concern so we are asking everyone to be observant and report any suspicious activity to the police.

May 21, 2014
New Member Profile

Check out the Member Profiles page and welcome Ann Lindner to Lake Parker.

May 5, 2014
Green Up Day A Success

Thanks to all who particpated in Green Up Day.  Scouring the roads around Lake Parker our 13 brave volunteers2014 green up day netted 15 bags of trash, 2 tires, car fuel tank, TV Set, boots, plastic sheeting and much more.  All of which has arrived since we did this last year…our work really does makes a difference. Thanks to Skip Borrell, Ken & MaryJo Kasz,  Dave & Gail Washburn, John Wooten & Ginnie Lawless, Anne Lindner, Joe Little, Art & Sue Greenbaum and their daughter Coree and granddaughter Abby.  Special thanks to Art & Sue for providing coffee and a snack at the start.

Make our job easier and lets all pick up trash all summer long as we see it. 🙂

April 4, 2014
Vermont Aquatic Invasive Species Workshops

The Vt Dept of Environmental Conservation is hosting free workshops around the state, including Glover, for anyone who wants to learn more about aquatic invasive species spread prevention or participate in the boat access greeter programs. Though at this time we don’t have a Greeter Program being able to identify invasive species is important for all lake property owners.  Get educated and protect our lake.  Details here>>2014 Greeter Program Workshop Schedule

March 14, 2014
Green Up Day May 3rd = LPA Working Together

The LPA is again organizing for Green Up Day on Saturday May 3rd.  Join your neighbors and friends in a tradition that has lasted over 40 years in Vermont.  This a great way to clean up the roads around the Lake and see your neighbors again after a long cold winter.  There will be coffee and friendship at the start.   Details here>>  2014 Green Up Day

March 10, 2014
Sewer Project Update

The town Selectboard has continued looking into ways to make the Lake Parker Sewer Project a reality. Current thinking is there may be a way to get the main lines built and for those who want it now the opportunity to hook up. Others would not be required to hook up. Of course if you hook up later it would be more expensive. They have been working with the engineer to see if this could be affordable and at this time do not have specifics. Stay tuned.

January 14, 2014
Sad News: The Passing of Lynn Washburn January 9th

Lynn Washburn, whose roots on Lake Parker date back to 1937 passed away last week. She will be missed by her many friends and relatives. Read the full obituary here>Lynn Washburn Obituary

November 29, 2013
Reminder: Return Your Postcard to the Town

During the week of Nov 18th the Town of Glover sent out a letter and polling card to get your yes/no vote on a revised proposal for the sewer project.  It is important everyone sends this back.  If you have a home on the lake and did not receive the mailing you should call the town clerk and they will resend it.  Hopefully the town will share the results of the poll and I will post them here.

October 18, 2013
Security Meeting for LPA Members

As home security continues to be a concern on the lake Brenda & Tim Plastridge have agreed to hold a discussion at their home on Saturday, October 26 from 8:30-10:00 am at 900 Parker Road. We will discuss security issues and as a start we will organize a telephone cascade to communicate faster with neighbors. There will also be some information available on a formal Neighborhood Watch that could be implemented next year if there is enough interest.

Send an email to Brenda at bplastridge@myfairpoint.net to let her know if you will be attending or if not able to attend but you are interested in being included in a telephone cascade.

October 14, 2013
Parker Road Break In’s

Discovered by homeowners on Saturday there were 2 seasonal cottages that were broken into last week on Parker Road.  One property had extensive damage with a door kicked in and windows pried open.  There were some personal possessions taken but it appeared to be the work of youth looking for alcohol.  State Police were called to the scene.  Homeowners are being asked to be observant neighbors and report any suspicious activity to the police.

September 23, 2013
2 New Member Profiles

Check out the Member Profiles page and welcome Roger Cawvey Sr and Florence & Jim Scileppi.

September 18, 2013
Glover Sewer Bond Vote Fails

With only 144 votes cast the sewer bond failed with 92 opposed and 52 in favor. The voters have decided. Thanks to all of you both for and against who voiced your opinions and helped shed light on this important project. It was great to see so many homeowners involved. Perhaps down the road some day we will get another opportunity.

The health of the lake should continue to be of major importance to all of us. And interaction between us on this topic and future matters is what will keep our lake and our lake property a place that we can continue to enjoy for years to come. Thank you all.

September 13, 2013
Thanks to all who came to the Selectboard meeting or emailed

There was a good showing of residents and non-residents at the Selectboard informational meeting last night and good discussion for and against the sewer project and the 50/50 cost sharing proposal.  The Selectboard have made a decision!  Read it here>>Selectboard Decision

August 27, 2013
Labor Day Regatta This Sunday Sept.1st

It has just today been announced that the Labor Day Regatta will actually happen on Sunday, Sept. 1, which happens to be Labor Day weekend.  The race will start promptly at noon and most probably by 1:00.  So bring your best potluck offering and your fastest flotation device.  Commodore Randy Williams says “The weather is going to be perfect, but we will take what we get and have a good time anyway”.  Sailors of all ages are welcome.

August 14, 2013 UPDATED August 19th
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Town Sewer Bond Meeting & Vote

The Selectboard has sent a letter to Glover residents explaining the sewer extension project, rationale, costs and why they support the project.  It is well written and includes many of the economic benefits we discussed at our LPA meeting on July 20th. They have decided that on Thursday September 12th at 7:00pm at the Glover Town Hall there will be a public meeting about the sewer project and on Tuesday September 17th they will hold the bond vote.  Though non-residents cannot vote every Lake owner in favor of the sewer extension should attend the Thursday Sept 12th meeting.  It will be an opportunity for lake owners to come together to show support for the project.  See Town communication here>>>Selectboard Info mtg & vote

July 25, 2013
Mink Sightings

A family of Mink are now calling Lake Parker home and have been seen by Ginny Lawless, Brenda Plastridge and others on the east side of the Lake.  This semi-aquatic species is a carnivore feeding on rodents, fish, frogs and birds.  In Lake Parker it can be seen swimming across the Lake as it can swim for up to 3 hours in warm water.  On land they move quickly and are good climbers.  Keep an eye out for this beautiful new resident.

photo by Brenda Plastridge

photo by Brenda Plastridge

For more info on Mink >>click here<<

July 10, 2013
LPA hosts Sewer Project Informational Meeting

On Saturday, July 20th at 10:00 at the West Glover Church the Lake Parker Associaton has organized an informational meeting about the sewer project. Jack Sumberg from the Glover Selectboard will give a status/update of the project and will be available to answer your questions. This is an opportunity you should not miss to get better informed.  The project has not been approved yet and our input is important.

July 8, 2013
LPA Annual Meeting & Pot Luck this Saturday!!

Saturday, July 13th, the date for our annual meeting and potluck supper, is fast approaching. The pot luck supper is from 5:30 PM to 6:30PM with Annual meeting following will be held at the church.
This is a great opportunity to see everyone again and discuss common interests in Lake Parker and the Association. So bring a favorite dish to share (we will provide beverages) and come for a neighborly get together. We hold annual elections so your attendance is important because the direction and activities supported by your association will be determined by the new officers and committee chairpersons that you elect. As usual, the Association Board will submit a slate of officers for your consideration, but remember that you can nominate any member that you feel would do a good job in a particular position. So please, actively use the election process to make the LPA what you want it to be. We will also report on this past year finances and accomplishments and seek an open discussion about this next year. SEE YOU SATURDAY 🙂

June 17, 2013
W. Glover Fireworks Seeks Donations

fireworksLocal residents and LPA member Nancy Hofer continue to try to raise enough funds for the 4th of July fireworks on Lone Tree Hill.  If you would like to donate there is a jar on the counter at Parker Pie for cash or checks.  All checks should be made payable to Phil Brown, the fireworks master.  You can also mail a check c/o Nancy Hofer, PO Box 835, Wilmington, VT  05363 and she will get it to Phil.  Nancy said “every donation will make a difference for a great fireworks display”.  Also note that Parker Pie is going to hold another fundraiser on June 28 featuring the music of Cumbiagra!  Here’s a link to their site: Parker Pie events 

 June 6, 2013
Glover Pioneer Day Campdaycamplogo

This year’s 17th annual Pioneer Day Camp will take place June 24-28 at the old Parker Settlement, 765 Parker Rd. The theme is “A Child’s life in the Wilderness, 1800-1840″.

All children 1st-8th grades are welcome to attend. Sponsored by the Glover Historical Society.  Click on the attachment for all the details:   2013 Pioneer Day Camp

 May 14, 2013
Fishing is Fun on Lake Parker by Lloyd Klinger 

It is time to get out the fishing tackle and get it ready for spring fishing.  I have already bought some new lures and line.  Lake Parker has a wide variety of fish available and if you choose your lures carefully (guess right), at the end of the day you can note that you have hooked several species. They may not all be keepers, but in the long run it is the experience and fun that counts….continued

May 5, 2013
Recent Cottage Break-Ins

I have just become aware that there have been 4 break-ins on the West Shore that took place over the last few months.  Some personal property was stolen, there was damage to enter the properties as well as copper pipe cut out.  One of the properties was checked daily by Bob Richards and he identified the loss immediately and reported it.  In addition there have been several reports of suspicious vehicles and in one case a pickup truck backed into a driveway around midnight and turned off the engine and lights.  They left quickly when the owner turned on the outside lights.  This has occurred in the past and will probably continue but we can all help each other avoid this by being more vigilant.  BE AN OBSERVANT NEIGHBOR. Report suspicious activity to the police and your neighbors.  Do not attempt to intervene on your own.  Also tell the LPA board so we can post a warning on the website and track the occurrence.- Joe Little    UPDATED 5-19-2013:  We have added a ‘Safety & Security’ discussion forum on the Forum Tab so you can share your thoughts with others.

May 4, 2013
Green Up Day a SUCCESS!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Green Up Day. It was a resounding success.  We had 14 LPA members scouring the roads around Lake Parker.  After just a couple hours we netted 19 bags of trash, 9 tires, 5 propane bottles, assorted hardware and a load of car parts. We really made a difference!!  Thanks to Andrea Neil, Richard Pugliese & Stanley Corklin, Ken & MaryJo Kasz, Heidi Cooperstein, Art & Sue Greenbaum, Rich & Katy Little, Vicki Young, Norine Phillips & helpers and Joe & Anne Little.


April 15, 2013
2013 LPA Membership Dues Statements have been mailed.

The LPA needs your support.  If you haven’t been a member in the past or have let your membership lapse this is a great time to rejoin.  There’s a lot happening around the Lake and you need to be informed.  Your membership will insure your voice is heard.  Dues are due by May 31, 2013. Dues Invoice

March 31, 2013, updated April 2nd
H.526 – The Shoreland Protection Bill passes the House

There currently is a bill working its way thru the legislature that will affect development on Vermont lakes with new standards for shoreland protection.  It passed thru committee and now the House.  It will now go to the Senate for debate.  For the latest info on this bill ==>click here<== 

March 10, 2013
Welcome to our New Website

If you’ve visited the Lake Parker site before today you might notice that we’ve given it a bit of a facelift.

Former LPA Website [left] and New Look

Former LPA Website [left] and New Look


In addition to general sprucing-up and bringing over the content from the old site we’ve added some new features like a Sell-Rent-Buy tab to find or sell items. We added a new Forum tab where members can have online discussions, ask questions and share.

Our official map of the lake and a map of the walking  path can now be found at the Membership tab. There are Resource links based on your recommendations and more.

We are still working out the kinks but take a look around to see what’s new, stay tuned for future improvements and let us know what you think on the Forum or by email.

This has been an exciting endeavor and we hope you will like our look but while our site has many new features the strength of our Association is in the members, our community. Our hope is that this will be one more tool to interact and know your neighbors on our beautiful lake.

Joe Little

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